By Diana Kelly

Whether you’re having them on your own, with the help of a toy, or with a partner, research and many experts agree that orgasms are good for your physical and emotional health.

We chatted with Revel Body sex expert Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., to find out all the wonderful ways orgasms do your body good and why you should be having them regularly.

“There’s nothing about masturbation that isn’t good for you,” she says. “Your body needs this release

[from orgasms].”

Here are seven reasons we recommend regular orgasms:

1. They’ll relieve stress.

An orgasm triggers oxytocin, the pleasure hormone in your body. After you have an orgasm, oxytocin surges through your body and you’re flooded with feelings pleasure, contentment, warmth, love, and connection, she says. “It’s a great idea to have orgasms by yourself, since you’ll get all the rewards of oxytocin, like feeling good about yourself…and feeling love for yourself.”

2. They’ll improve your mood.

When your body produces that bliss hormone oxytocin after an orgasm, you’ll realize that whatever was bothering you before isn’t that important anymore, says Dr. Schwartz. “Orgasms are a way to feel better about the world. Few people have an orgasm and don’t experience mood improvement.”

3. They’ll ease headaches.

Some experience relief of migraine headaches with orgasms, says Dr. Schwartz. A release of hormones as well as the change in blood flow that happens when you’re excited can create lessening of tension and pain.

4. Your neck pain could disappear.

The muscle release that comes from having orgasms reduces painful tension in your shoulders and neck, which also may have been contributing to your neck pain. 

5. You’ll sleep better.

Anything that reduces tension will help you sleep, says Dr. Schwartz. “A lot of people have a loop going on in their brains worrying about what happened that day,” she says. “If you have an orgasm, it reverses that loop-type thinking, clears your brain, puts you in a better place, and it’s better than having a glass of wine every night to help you relax!”

6. They’ll help your heart.

Women who have more orgasms and more frequent sex may have a higher resistance to coronary heart disease, according to an article on

7. They’ll make you forget about cramps.

As if you needed another reason, an orgasm can provide relief if you’re suffering from painful menstrual cramps, says Dr. Schwartz.

“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor. ” — Betty Friedan