During the week you’ve been reading the 50 Shades of Grey books or Kim Jones’ Saving Dallas series where anal sex has been brought to the forefront. Now it’s Saturday night and its time for play and exploration. Unlike the old cliche’ “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, an apple in the anus may make you the butt of some emergency room doctor’s joke. Watch Ducky Doolittle’s classic video “Not in the Butt” to learn about some real classic blunders in backdoor play. This video certainly fits our tagline, “Educationally Entertaining!” If you want the best information on how to explore erotic anal play, watch the video then come by Pepper’s Parties, Too! We have a well-educated staff and all of the right stuff!

Ducky Doolittle is one of the best sex educators we know. She’s direct in her presentation, very funny, and full of great information. Kathi, Erin, and Tori have attended some of her webinars so when you visit Pepper’s Parties, Too! you get the benefit of Ducky’s encyclopedia of information on great sex.