Burlesque Comes to Hattiesburg

Pepper’s Parties, Too is proud to be a sponsor for Hattiesburlesque! This is such an amazing group of performers who come from all walks of life and you don’t want to miss this sultry, yet classy performance this weekend!

Abigail Lenz Allen, codirector/coproducer/music director was quoted in the Hattiesburg American as saying, “Initially, we wanted to put on a big show with lots of glitter and lots of music and lots of girls dancing in a sassy way and do it tastefully and do it with an oldfashioned flair,” she said. “What I actually think we’re here doing is lifting up women and celebrating women in all different body shapes and all different ages and that all women are beautiful.”

Here are some pics from Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal. What an honor to have some of our Pepper’s Parties, Too’s sexy accessories included in the show! In the second act, the Hattiesburlesque girls perform Prince’s Darling Nikki while using props from us including floggers, masquerade mask, feathers and more! Oh my!

Join us Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 22-24 at the Thirsty Hippo! Get your tickets here!

Be sure to check out our booth in the front room next to the photo booth!