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Our guest speaker, Pat Fischetti, is an expert and works with us in selling the Hemp Bombs Brand.

Why Is Pepper’s Parties Selling CBD by HempBombs?

When we went to AVN this year we spoke with Pat Fischetti from Adventure Industries.  She took time to completely describe, explain, and show us the detailed information we needed to give CBD a try in our store.  Because more and more of our customers are asking for information we’re bringing the experts directly to you.  So far, we’ve had great feedback from our CBD customers.  In short, we want you to have exactly the same information as we have!

Hemp Bombs Blog Helps Educate Pepper's Parties' Staff

Get Max Results from Hemp Bombs CBD Oils

Articles topics include food and drink CBD recipes, wellness tips, surprising benefits of CBD and much more.

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“At Hemp Bombs we take great pride in the high quality our brand represents. In doing so, we make every effort to be as transparent to our customers about our products. Part of that transparency includes detailed third-party lab testing. On this page, you will find links to testing results for our entire line of CBD products.