We started Revel Body by focusing on vibration after we realized that all of the battery-powered devices in this large industry use the same vibration motor; and that these motors are a really bad choice. Rotary vibration motors do not work well for generating vibration (limited range of vibration as well as very little output power), and they are also the cause of the majority of complaints about the products (e.g. noise, reliability, battery-life, etc.).

As we worked on and developed our revolutionary adjustable linear resonating motors we needed a simple and clear way to describe the goal we were trying to achieve.  We used a lot of people to develop the motors (engineers, physicists, industrial designers, testers, test coordinators, etc.). 

The simple and clear goal that we used, which pretty much describes our motor technology is Quiet Power™. This simple phrase is a great way to focus on what consumers want in a vibrator.

The “Quiet” in Quiet Power™, is meant to focus our team on minimizing the negatives about vibrators; noisy, rattily, unreliable, battery hogs are some of the negatives.  We focused on removing these issues and we succeeded.

The “Power” in Quiet Power™ is meant to focus our team on maximizing the thing that people like about vibrators, vibration.   The word “Power” simplifies what is really a combination of frequency, amplitude and torque or acceleration.   By changing the frequency you can adjust the feeling.  By adding or removing torque and amplitude, you can adjust how much sensation you can feel.

It is better to be capable of too much power as you can always use less.  The great thing about the technology that we have developed is that we can build products that operate at any relevant frequency/power/amplitude combination. We can also precisely control our vibration with software to deliver the sensation that people want. We can deliver virtually any level of vibration; the trick for us is zero in on exactly what people want. We have learned a lot about this and will deliver it to our users.

Unfortunately for all of our competitors, who use traditional rotary motors, is that they are already at the edge of the performance envelope and they cannot deliver more than they have been. 

We have worked diligently to maximize Quiet Power™ in our new line of Revel Body® Sonic Vibrators™.   We think that they are the best vibrators every built and we hope that people worldwide will enjoy their use.   We think sexual health and wellness are vital to people’s happiness and we are proud to offer our line of products to help them achieve that.