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The article below was released late last year.  Amidst the conversational noise we hear the myths, legends, and misinformation surrounding this form of erotic play.  All of the information below is good and accurate.  However, keep in mind you are playing with electricity.  To get the full information, see it work AND learn how to play safely visit Pepper’s Parties, Too!
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Erotic Stimulation AKA Electro-sex Is Better Than ANY Damn Vibrator

Have you guys heard of this???“The sex was electric,” an ex once told me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t speaking about me.

The word electric has long been associated with exciting, stimulating and amazing. It’s not surprising that the marriage of electricity and sex has finally made its way into the mainstream.

Erotic electrostimulation is not only here, it’s becoming more prevalent — not just with the BDSM community, but with vanilla couples, who are using it to increase their sexual satisfaction.

Electricity is no stranger to sex play. In fact, there are still some devices that have to be plugged in to work, but with erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) or as more commonly known as electroplay or electrosex, sex toys and devices don’t just take in the electrical current, they send it out.

These electroplay devices that add electricity into the mix include electrified butt plugs, cock rings, masturbatory sleeves, eggs, G-spot probes, Kegel balls, nipple clamps and the wildly popular e-stim kits that turn both partners into a part of an electrical circuit via electrodes and sticky pads.

Electroplay devices have been around for a long time; in fact, early e-stim models evolved from medical TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices, which use electricity to treat pain and muscle problems and are still around. Another example of early electrical devices were Violet wands which were the go-to kinky massagers of the 1920s, and have come back into fashion because of the growing popularity of electrosex.

Jess Wilde, writer and sexpert for the online sex shop, said in an interview with The Daily Beast, “When I first heard about applying electricity to your naked body during sex, my first thought was ‘Oh my god why would you do that?! Zappy, ouchy, dangerous!’ But now I have completely changed my mind. The idea of turning you and your partner into a shared unit of weird, romantic sexy tingles is a wholly different thing.”

The idea of using electricity on our bodies for pleasure isn’t as out there as you might think. Our body is constantly using electrical impulses to exchange information between nerve endings in the brain.

If we didn’t have these electrical impulses we wouldn’t be able to feel when we hug, kiss, or have sex. Our skin is conductive, so if we’re sitting next to our partner while be connected via wires, the second we touch we feel a tingly sensation that’s very different from a vibration.

The e-stim sensation is entirely different from that of a vibrator or any regular sex toy, as the electroplay sex toys and devices tap into the body’s natural electrical impulses.

“It’s [electrosex] an entirely new way to see what your body can do — it turns you into the sex toy itself,” says Wilde. “People are realizing that your sex organs go further than your genitals; it really is your whole body. And the best way to explore that is with electrical current. You are pushing the boundaries of your own body a bit more, and that is empowering.”

Of course, when playing with electricity you have to be careful and there’s a general rule for electrosex to keep it below the waist. If a current passes through the heart area, it could lead to ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest, and other serious heart complications. Also, these devices should never be used by someone with a pacemaker or other heart conditions.

In an effort to make these electrosex devices more user-friendly, the toy makers are creating devices that are simpler and ergonomically sleek.

“Eight years ago, sets looked like something out of a science lab, covered in knobs and switches,” says Wilde. Now, the units have been scaled down and simplified. “They are easier to master than your TV remote control.”


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