Getting It Done in the GoDaddy Community

Getting It Done in the GoDaddy Community

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This is our collection of discussions on our SexySecretsRadio station.  We've temporarily put our live broadcast on pause, but have some very cool scheduled podcasts to post coming up!  In the meantime, listen to Kathi's "Educationally Entertaining" Sexual Health and Wellness audio archives.

Learn about GoDaddy’s new mentoring projects, meet JM Pepper, a GoDaddy Community Founder, 20-year small business owner and mentor TalkWithGail, Community Manager Eric Stieg,SheriG our featured mentee, and Willy the Squid.. Let us introduce you to people who are actually involved in the mentoring process.

This podcast is the result of several hours of conversation smooshed 25 mjinutes. Here are some of the highlights and key conversations.  The number on the left indicates about how far into the show the topic/quote occurred.

2:50 – The mentoring community

4:00 – Gail defines mentoring

6:00 – Coaching vs Mentoring vs Teaching

9:00 – Sheri’s Journey

13:30 – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

17:00 – Eric, Doing the Right Thing

19:00 – The Rogue Millennial

22:30 – Keeping the Conversation Going

Please join us as we introduce the FREE business mentoring in the GoDaddy Go-Getter Community.  All you need to do is login!

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