How Romance Novels Can Help Your Sex Life

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How Romance Novels Can Help Your Sex Life

How Romance Novels Can Help Your Sex Life

How Romance Novels Can Help Your Sex Life

There’s so much reading out there now. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, narrative articles or listicles, you always have choices of what kind of thing to read, and even how to consume it (book vs. e-reader, etc.).

Of course, everyone has their specific preferences of what they like to read, but there’s something to be said for expanding your horizons. This is particularly true for erotica and romance novels. You may not immediately see it, but reading romance novels can really boost your sex life in a variety of ways. Here’s how they can open the door to a new sexual dimension for you:

Find out what you like

In every aspect of life, it helps to figure out what you personally like. What good is reading the same thing everyone else is reading if you hate it? Life is too short for that!

Think about what you like in what you read, and apply that to romance novels. Like historical fiction? There’s a number out there that are set in historic times, either in fictionalizing real figures or completely making up new people. Like holiday-themed books? There are several you can find, and more come out around the holidays. Want softcore based around your favorite book’s characters? There are many sites that cater to erotic fanfiction.

Creating new fantasies

Everyone loves, and needs, a good fantasy, especially in the bedroom. But sometimes, you can run through the old standards a few too many times and start to feel bored. That’s a key sign that you need some new fantasies!

Reading romance novels is great for creating new fantasies. When you read, your brain automatically produces mental images to match the words. And you can imagine the characters and scenarios in any way you choose! While you’re reading, you might notice that some parts have stayed with you (i.e. aroused you) more than others. So the next time you masturbate, think of any part from the novel you’ve enjoyed, and see how that affects your orgasm!

Acting it out together

Fantasies don’t have to live solely in your head. You can always bring them out to play when you’re with your partner to spice things up from your normal routine.

You can always mention that you’d like to act out a scene from one of your romance novels to your partner to see how they react. You can describe the scene, and include what each partner would be doing. If you’re shy about describing the scene, you can always have your partner read the scene so that they know what you’re interested in.

After your partner has consented that they’re interested in role-playing the scene with you, you can incorporate it as foreplay. Just remember to keep communication open, and to keep things safe, sane and consensual!

Using a sex toy

While reading a particularly erotic part in your romance novel, you might become aroused, and want to take a break by masturbating. Perfectly fine! Nothing wrong with that; that’s exactly what romance novels are for.

You can use your sex toy and the romance novel scene in tandem. Let’s say the scene had a woman receiving pleasure when her partner moves his fingers around her vulva in circles. You can use your sex toy to mimic this motion, while fantasizing about the scene. With those two elements in sync, you’ll have your orgasm in no time!

You might not immediately consider romance novels a boon to your sex life. But if you incorporate them, you’ll find that you’ll get a lot more variety and new things to try in the bedroom. So go ahead and buy that romance novel you’ve been eyeing!

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