Experiment with Masturbation

Tips to Have Your Best Solo Time

Masturbation is one of those life skills that everyone should know. You may not list it on a resume (and if you do, lucky you to find that job), but knowing what gets you off will go a long way in enhancing your life, both in and out of the bedroom.

If you’re just getting started on your masturbation journey, there’s lots of fun to come! Here are some tips to get you started:

Study Up

These days, any bit of information is just a few clicks away. There’s really no excuse for having absolutely no idea about something since you can find answers within seconds. This is one subject where being a good student will definitely pay off!

If you’re unsure of where to start with masturbation, Google around and read some articles on specific techniques to use. Some articles even include helpful diagrams so that you can more easily visualize the act. Once you read a few articles, you’ll be able to get some ideas of techniques to try and find out if they work for you.

Carve Out Some Alone Time

When you’re just getting started with masturbation, you’ll really need some time to yourself. (Actually, that’s true no matter how experienced you are.) You don’t want to feel rushed, so carve out a good chunk of time when you know you’ll be alone and won’t be interrupted.

Lock your door, and set your phone to “Do Not Disturb.” If you’re not worried about any external interruptions, you’ll be able to focus much better on the task at hand.

Get Out of Your Head

When you’re doing something new, and especially when you’re experiencing unfamiliar sensations, it can be really difficult to relax and get out of your own head. But you need to be able to fully concentrate on exploring your body and your reactions (including an orgasm, if that happens).

The more you can relax and tune into what your body wants in terms of touch, the more you’ll be able to get more into the moment and get into what gets you off.

Use Your Hands

You have two of the best sex toys located at the ends of your arms: your hands! The best part of using your hands is that you can experiment with many different sensations to see what works for you. If you haven’t touched yourself before, it can be a little disconcerting, but you’ll soon get used to it (and enjoy it).

You can play around with using your fingertips, the sides of your fingers and/or your palms. Experiment with soft and rough touches, circles and taps, both around your labia and inside your vagina. You’ll soon find out what you prefer (and keep in mind that that might vary depending on your mood).

Use a Vibrator

If you’re uncomfortable using your hands (maybe you’ve never touched yourself “down there”), you can always use a vibrator. The usual cylindrical vibrator allows you to masturbate without skin-on-skin contact. It also gives you a sensation that your own hands can’t: vibration!

You can start off with a clitoral vibrator. They tend to be small and discreet, and you can easily stash them safe out of view. Every adult store worth its pedigree will carry this kind. If you’re uncomfortable purchasing one in a store, you can easily find them online, and a lot of sites offer discreet shipping.

Have Fun

This is the most important part. The main goal here is to enjoy yourself. Because if you’re not enjoying yourself, why do it?

Even though it might feel a little weird at first, you’ll get into it once you relax and your body gets used to the sensations. It helps if you retain a sense of curiosity and playfulness in exploring your sexual response.

If you’re just beginning to masturbate, or are curious as to where to start, the above tips will help guide you as you learn more about how your body responds to getting yourself off. Just remember that there is no one right way to masturbate: if it works for you, it’s right for you!