Traveling with your sex toy

How to Travel with a Sex Toy

Summer is the season for travel. Whether you’ll be exploring a new city solo, hitting the beach with family or friends, or indulging in a weekend getaway with your partner, you may be taking a car, train, or plane to your destination.

But what if you want to bring your sex toy along? Don’t worry, there are ways to bring along your battery-operated boyfriend (BOB) without risking exposure and embarrassment. Follow these tips to ensure that your toy travels with you in one piece.

Check for Restrictions

You might not’ve considered this, but it’s useful. Check the company’s policy towards traveling with sex toys before you pack them. Some transportation services have policies, but some do not, so it’s worth it to Google first.

For example, consumer information site AirSafe provides information on flying with a sex toy. You can find some valuable information and tips if you’re worried about bringing along your toy. Researching beforehand will minimize worrying about it.

Take Out the Batteries

This one might seem simple, but can be easily overlooked: If your toy is battery-operated, take out the batteries before you pack it. Sometimes your luggage can get jostled, which could lead to the toy accidently turning on. You might arrive at your destination with your toy being less functional than expected.

(True story: I once took the train back to my parents’ house from college. I had packed my vibrator inside the front-facing pocket of my backpack. When I got to my parents’ house, I found that my vibrator’s batteries had died. And I had just replaced them earlier that week. Learn from my mistakes!)

If you’ve packed a battery-operated toy with a checked bag, and it starts buzzing, it may cause a security issue. This happened in 1996 at a Massachusetts train station, which led the station to be evacuated. With most public transportation services on high alert regarding suspicious packages and sounds, this isn’t a scenario you’d want to provoke.

Pack Your Toy in a Clear Plastic Bag

Even if you’re not flying, it’s best to pack your toy with a clear plastic bag. First, this will keep it clean (especially if you’ve recently washed it). If an inspector asks to see it, you’ll be able to produce it without worrying about what they’ll be touching (and the inspector won’t need to worry about the hygiene either).

Depending on the size of your toy, anything from a small sandwich bag to a larger quart bag may suffice. It’s solely up to your discretion how to pack it.

Hide Your Toy

If you’re not comfortable at the thought of someone else opening your suitcase and finding your sex toy, you’re certainly not alone. But this scenario doesn’t need to happen: In addition to securing your toy within a plastic bag, you can always hide it within your luggage. (Just be sure you remember where you hid it.)

Whether you’re using a weekender or a rolling suitcase on wheels, your luggage is bound to have some inner zippered pockets. Use those if they’re the right size. You can also tuck your toy within some clothes. This will minimize any potential damage that may occur while your toy is in transit.

Own Up to It

If worst comes to worst, you may be asked what your toy is, or to show it to an inspector for safety and security reasons. There’s no need to be embarrassed by this: you never need to apologize for having a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Answer the inspector’s questions truthfully. The inspector may ask to examine the toy further. If possible, you may want to request for it to be inspected in a private area. This way, you can avoid potential embarrassment and stares from other travelers. If you feel anxious, just remember that the inspectors are doing their jobs to keep you and your fellow travelers safe, and it isn’t about singling you out personally. Plus, it’ll be over soon enough, and you’ll be able to laugh about it once you reach your destination!

Traveling is stressful enough, so why add to it when packing your sex toy? If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have a pleasant and stress-free travel experience!

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