Revel Body July Sex News Roundup

New and Noteworthy Sex News for June

Creepy Crawly Sex

Ever wonder how other animals do the nasty? Well here is your chance to learn about how spiders get down. Male spiders do not have penises; instead they create sperm from a gland and use one of their front legs to insert the sperm in the female. Previous research showed that spiders do not have nerves in this leg, so scientists concluded that spiders did not enjoy having sex. But, luckily for the spiders, recent research has shown otherwise. Read more here.

Men’s excuse not to have sex

Ladies, you thought you were the only ones who made up some lame excuse when you’re not in the mood. Well don’t feel too guilty, it turns out men do the same! “66% of men say they come up with an excuse not to have sex with their partner, with 74% of those men saying they do so between one and five times per month.” Get all the deets here.

Life like male sex toys now available in US

You know those creepily realistic sex dolls of women that exist to keep men company on long lonely nights? Now women can get their very own sex doll of an anatomically correct man. The male sex dolls are made by, based out of Los Angeles. You may need to save for a while to purchase one of theses bad boys because they come with a pretty hefty price tag. Check out the dolls here.

Sex toys for Portland Power Lines

A Portland woman took responsibility for hanging dildos all over the power lines in in Portland. “We’re nowhere near done,” she told VICE. She has more than 10,000 rejected dildos, so Portland watch out! Read her full interview with VICE here.

STDS Across the US

Wondering if STDs are spreading through your city? What’s the chance your tinder date has something you’d rather not catch? Check out this Top 10 Most Sexually Diseased Cities on a map compiled by

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