June 2015 Sex News

New and Noteworthy Sex News for June

How sexy is our English?

Have you discussed your sex life with anyone recently? Which year do you think people talked about sex the most? Visualize the usage of ‘Sex’ over the last 200 years in America. Find out here.

Has your partner closed the door to your sex life? It can happen to anyone.

Read real women’s experiences in sexless marriages. No summary for this one because the entire article is worth reading.

Ever wonder if having more sex will make you happier? There’s a study for that.

The answer is — it’s complicated. A study found that asking couples to increase the frequency of their lovemaking did NOT make them happier. Instead, happiness was linked with their desire for sex, closeness to each other, and if the sex was good. Our take away — quality over quantity.

However, the couples in the study’s control group were enjoying spontaneous voluntary sex. Researchers were concerned that requiring people in the test group to have sex had an “excitement dampening” effect. Read more here.

Flibanserin. They are calling it Viagra for Women.

Flibanserin is a new drug up for FDA approval that would treat women with a lack of sex drive. Although Flibanserin has been called the female Viagra, it doesn’t work like Viagra at all. Women with low sex drive do not have anything physically wrong with their genitals; instead they lack the motivation to have sex. Flibanserin works on the brain helping these women to desire sex. Get the science deets here.

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