Lots of people have been texting and calling me asking for my review of Fifty Shades of Grey​. We’ve been a little busy today so I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write it. I don’t want to be a ****SPOILER***** so I’ll try to say things without really saying it!

First of all, I loved it! I think the best part was Dakota Johnson as Ana. She absolutely knocked it out of the park!!! She was funny, sexy, pretty and played it just like I remembered. Thankfully we didn’t have to hear about her inner goddess! Jamie Dornan was pretty good, better than I expected from the previews. I didn’t expect him to have the sense of humor that he did, though. I wanted him to have broader shoulders and more muscles. I also wanted him to be “darker” when he was supposed to be. He was a little awkward during a few scenes but overall, he was good.

The Red Room of Pain…OMG!!! That exceeded my expectations! All the devices were jaw dropping!

There were a few scenes that were deleted that I’d have like to have seen – No ben wa balls! I’m also disappointed that E.L.James didn’t use more of her products in the book – kinda confusing to me. The sex scenes, though challenging to shoot within the parameters they were given, I thought they did a very good job! Lots of skin and Ana has a perfect body!

The ending…Several people said they were disappointed, but did you read the book? Did you not watch Titanic and NOT expect the ship to sink? Don’t worry though, there’s 2 more movies coming of which I’m sure we will all LOVE!

Let’s talk about the kinky play. There’s a whole article that I’ll write about this later. I’ll say that if you are new to kink or wanting to try it, DO NOT use this movie as a model of how it’s properly done. He didn’t even rub her bum after he spanked it! Please come talk to us at Pepper’s Parties, Too and let us help guide you in your kinky play.

Not everything in the movie was exactly the same as the book but keep in mind, it was just a rendition of the book, not an exact replica. Maybe it sounds like I’m being a little negative but overall I thought it was good. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.