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Want to tie Better than Christian Gray

[titled_box title=”The Art of Rope Restraint” variation=”wheat”]Japanese rope bondage is both a living art form and a vital expression of sexuality. It’s an ever changing, expressive and dynamic collaboration between the top, bottom and the rope. It’s not frozen in tradition. Learn the basics thoroughly. Learn the rules so well you know how to break them beautifully with mindful purpose. — Midori[/titled_box]
[foogallery id=”2659″] “Want to Tie Better than Christian Grey?” Sexy Secrets Seminars gives you the chance to find out how! On November 18, 2014 at 6:30, the Love Me Knots will visit Pepper’s Parties, Too! We will be going over ways to tie your partner up artfully, selecting the perfect materials, and how to tie safely. We will also go over the correct ways to prepare your materials and how to keep them in great shape.

“For many years, individuals and small groups in the West enjoyed the rather esoteric sensual art of Japanese rope restraint. In recent years, however, there has been a surge of interest in this style of erotic restraint. “
From Midori.

Rope bondage is easy to look-up on the internet. Pepper’s Parties, Too provides you the opportunity to learn directly from experts. Yes, directly from a couple who know the art! Our safe, educationally entertaining presentation is sure to give you and your partner some ideas of how to play safely, while introducing new adventures. Register now and mark it on your calendar.

The effect of aesthetic appeal on the skin can be tremendous. As the rope slides onto one bottom’s willing flesh, she is inspired by her own beauty as the ravished heroine of her own erotic epic.
From Midori

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Eventbrite - Rope Play! Want to Tie Better than Christian Gray?[/one_half_last] [note_box]Free 30-page E-book of tips, techniques, and resources for you to explore the “ties that bind!”[/note_box]


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