Kathi Pepper Seminars

Relationships Through the Ages

I just started noticing that in our store, more and more baby boomers are walking through my doors and they’re looking for things to help them have better sex because we’re not in our twenties anymore. And we’re trying to figure out ways to make our bodies work when they’re not working the right way. And we’ve already, you and I have already done some segments on female sexual health and sexual function and dysfunction. And so we’ve already done some of that. And so tonight we really wanted to focus on men.

… I knew that we had, we wanted to do this, but this is a special story to me.  I had a diabetic man in his roughly sixties, maybe late sixties, maybe early seventies who came and my doors the day that we had snowpocalypse, like, like it was snowing, so bad outside. I don’t even know how he got here, but he was on a mission that morning and hecame in and he said, you know, he told me how old he was and what his issue was and that he, he really wanted to be able to have sex with his wife but things, well that’s kind of it.  Like they were keeping the grandkids and they were going to put them to bed later on and, and so they really wanted to do to spice up their love life and, and they really wanted to make things work and, and he wanted that, that intercourse type of motion and he was looking at strap ons and we had a really good conversation and that whole conversation really solidified for me why we needed to do this.

I was already leaning towards it, but when he came in I was like, this is happening because he was so hell bent on really wanting to have relations with his wife and even though all of his body parts weren’t working, he wanted to be able to be intimate with her and, and that spoke to me and that’s when I knew that this was absolutely the direction that we needed to be going with. So Kathy seminars is as a, as a whole, um, entity evidence south, but this is, but relationships to the ages is a project underneath that. And you, Dr Jan fit in very well. Tell us a little bit about what you do. I know, I know we’re not going to go into how your business stuff but, but like why, why you’re so relevant. So, um, I, um, I’m a doctor of physical therapy and I do pelvic floor health is one of my main avenues and I also do a lot of other physical and orthopedic Rehab type as I have been involved in the relationships with the agents project.

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