Mental Benefits of Masturbation

During May (International Masturbation Month), we’ll be discussing the health and mental benefits of masturbation, techniques for observing this month-long holiday and tricks you can continue to practice long after May is over.

Mental Health Benefits of Regular Orgasms

We’ve covered the physical health reasons you should be masturbating and having regular orgasms, but there are also mental benefits to pleasuring yourself regularly.

Helps with Sleep

Many women masturbate at night to help them wind down and fall asleep. And there is a scientific reason why this works. The release of prolactin and vasopressin during orgasm is calming and helps you fall asleep quickly.

Reduces Stress

That relaxed, calm feeling you have after an orgasm, caused by the release of hormones, like oxytocin, also helps with the reduction of stress. So end your day with masturbation to fall asleep more quickly, or start your morning with a little self-love to start our your day calm and relaxed.

Better Brain Function

Orgasms improve the flow of oxygen to the brain, which improves brain function. In a study at Rutgers University, it was found that orgasms activate the whole brain, which increases mental activity.

Builds Confidence

Research suggests that orgasms and specifically vibrator orgasms give women added self-assurance. Women who experience orgasms are more comfortable, assertive and confident with their sexuality.

Makes you Happy

That euphoric, happy feeling you have after an orgasm, it’s not just satisfaction. The release of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin post-orgasm improve your mood and create a natural high.