Spring is here and its time for some Pepper’s Parties Fun. If you are looking for something new, well we have it and more.

Basics of the Kinklab Neon Wand

Let me introduce you to the Neon Wand by Kinklabs. This is a low voltage Violet Wand. Wait, “What is a violet wand?” Its a great sensual stimulator that plays with low voltage electricity. Keep in mind the Neon Wand and its attachments are meant for external use only! What does that mean? For your safety and comfort you don’t want to use it with intercourse; just use the Neon Wand for foreplay.

Get your Neon Wand at Pepper's Partis

Neon Wand Sold at Pepper’s Parties!

Staying safe with ElectroPlay

Now that we covered the Neon Wand basics, lets start with some safety. If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or an insulin pump this product is not for you. Before beginning you play remove all jewelry and stay away from metal and you’re be ready for tingle fun. Start by plugging in your neon wand and try out its 4 or 6 different attachments depending on which kit you purchased. Your comb-like attachment is going to be the least intense glass attachment. The 90 degree attachment is going to be the strongest. Start with your power very low since you don’t want to send too strong of a spark. Using these pieces you can find new erogenous zones on you or your partners body. You can use the Neon Wand on damp parts of the body, but don’t stick the attachments into any orifices!

Tripping with the Neon Wand

So we’ve played with the glass attachments. Let’s move on to something a little more adventurous. Instead of using glass attachments let’s try using you as the conductor. This is made possible with the body contact, called the Tripper. It is a flat square plate that you want to put on a meatier part of you body such as the hip. It conducts better if you have some body tape or some type of clothing to help hold it in place. Keep the Neon Wand Tripper in complete contact with your body so that you don’t get an conductor-to-conductor electric response called an arc. “Tripping” is the strongest form of play. The person wearing the contact is electric from the top of their head to your toes, elbows, knees, and nose! If you touch them they feel the current running throughout you or they can touch you and they will feel that same current.

So, now you know how everything works it is time to have fun. Remember to start out low and work your way up. Now the power is literally in your hands.

Get the Neon Wand at Pepper’s Parties, Too!

If you read this and are interested in ElectroPlay please visit Pepper’s Parties Too! at our Hattiesburg location at 124 Grand Dr. Suite 1030, 39401. We have full kits and all sorts of other attachments, like conductive rope.  Come into the store and asked to get Neon Wand zapped!