April Sex News

The Latest in Sex News

Keeping up with the latest sexual health news is always entertaining. informative and often has us analyzing our habits. This month we’re evaluating our sexting habits as well as our sandwich preferences. Read on for some of our favorite sex headlines from April.

New Dildo Holds Loved One’s Cremated Ashes

Innovation in sex toys is constantly happening, but this recent novelty was unanticipated. A new dildo is designed to hold the ashes of deceased loved ones. The dildo is included in a memory box called 21 Grams, which also includes a perfume diffuser to hold the deceased’s signature scent and a brass key that can be worn as a necklace. The dildo and memory box were designed to replace urns, which the creator believes are impersonal and don’t reflect the intimacy survivors once felt with their loved ones. An urn that doubles as a dildo is definitely intimate and it gives new meaning to feeling the presence of loved ones posthumously.

Don’t Let This Happen in Your Bedroom

Real intimacy can often suffer in our always connected society. Photographer, Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s new series and video installation, Foreplay, captures how our devices and technology affect intimacy. By showing photographs of couples in bed distracted by their devices, it’s hard to ignore the misfortune of going to bed with your phone instead of your partner.

Intimate Suites for Boston Penguins

Eight pairs of African Penguins at the The New England Aquarium have received their own “honeymoon suites.” Biologists want to encourage as much breeding as possible for the species that is expected to be extinct by 2025. Hopefully the igloo-style homes and other secluded nooks designed to kindle their desire will do the trick.

What Your Partners Sexting Habits Could Reveal

A study published in Computers in Human Behavior, researchers questioned nearly 750 college students who are currently or were recently in a romantic relationship. They wanted to determine patterns in their communication patterns with their partners. Of the respondents, 67% had sexted at least once and 54% had sent sexually explicit pictures or videos to their partners. The study found that people high in avoidance (people who fear getting close to someone), and especially men who are high in avoidance, send more sext messages and sexually explicit pictures and videos than those who are less avoidant. The author suggests that sexting is a way of avoiding emotional intimacy or a substitute for “in person” intimacy. So if you’re in a relationship with someone who is afraid of getting close, expect lots of sexts and explicit photos.

Love Grilled Cheese? You’re Probably Having More Sex

Apparently, your sandwich preferences says a lot about your libido. The website, Skout, did a survey of 4,600 users to determine what their taste in sandwiches reveal about them. The survey concluded that grilled-cheese lovers are having more sex, with 73% of those who like the sandwich said they had sex at least once each month, compared with the 63% of the other survey respondents. And their having it more often, 32% said they have it more than six times a month, compared with just 27% of people who prefer other types of sandwiches.