Quote about clitoris by Sophia Wallace

What You Need to Know About the Clitoris

This week, the Huffington Post launched the #GetCliterate project to educate on the complex history, anatomy and our understanding of the clitoris. The project is led by artist, Sophia Wallace and combines street art, textiles and typography. Wallace was inspired to start the underground art movement by the absence of the clitoris in pop culture.

The #GetCliterate project discusses what can be done to bring to educate and bring awareness to this misunderstood part of female anatomy.

Here’s a taste of what you need to know to #GetCliterate:

The Clitoris Was Erased from Female Anatomy

In 1947, Dr. Charles Mayo Goss erased the clitoris from the anatomical diagrams in Gray’s Anatomy. Gray’s Anatomy was considered the authority on human anatomy since it was published in 1858. Dr. Goss was the editor of the 25th edition of Gray’s Anatomy. Although he typically only made alterations to reflect new medical findings or correct inaccuracies, he unknowingly erased the clitoris in 1947. It is suspected that this was based on Freud’s teachings of the day, which stated that clitoral orgams were immature and infantile. Effectively saying that mature women should orgasm from vaginal penetration.

The Anatomy of the Clitoris

In the early 1990s, Dr. Helen O’Connell, started researching the structure of the clitoris. She realized that during surgeries there were no precautions taken to protect this female organ like there were during men’s surgeries to protect their sexual organs. In 1998, she published her findings which showed that the clitoris had an internal and external structure.

The Misunderstood Clitoris

Currently, most of the diagrams of the Clitoris are outdated, despite the fact that in 2005, Dr. O’Connell published another study about the clitoris. The clitoris has an internal and external structure. She showed that the clitoris is not just made up of the external piece, but includes the Glans Clitoris, Clitoral Shaft, two Vestibular Bulbs and Crura.

See the anatomy of the clitoris here.

The Clitoris: The Sex Organ

And women are pretty lucky to have this organ. It’s the only organ in the male and female body that is exclusively for sexual pleasure. It has about 8,000 nerve endings, which is two times the nerve endings of the penis. Unlike male anatomy, the blood flow to the clitoris makes is capable of multiple orgasms.

The Orgasm Gap is Untrue

The orgasm gap: a myth that claims females cannot orgasm as frequently as men. Studies have shown that heterosexual men orgasm during sex two to three times as frequently as heterosexual women. But, women in same sex relationships have similar amounts of orgasms as men and achieve climax in the same amount of time as heterosexual males. The same is true when women pleasure themselves. Vaginal penetration alone isn’t the answer to the female orgasm, we need to pay more attention to the clitoris.

Intercourse Discourse

“Intercourse discourse” states the sexual pleasure is reduced to a penis entering a vagina and doesn’t emphasize the importance of clitoral stimulation. When vaginal penetration doesn’t result in orgasm, the trend has been to blame the individual, not the equation. This has resulted in women feeling more compelled to fake orgasm than to challenge the notion that vaginal penetration equals an orgasm.

Again, education should be focused on the clitoris and how this organ can help women achieve sexual satisfaction.

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