During our trip to AMNE we were invited to a private tour of the massive Doc Johnson campus. And it truly is a campus with multiple buildings for multiple departments. Oh how cool it was to see where all the dildos are made, how they are molded and even a peek into the room where the casting is done.

The front door as we enter the facility

Showroom floor

So many penis molds. There’s even some secret ones that I couldn’t photograph.

Ever wondered how they can make a double dick? Here you have it!

What a factory!

Double dicks just chillin’ in the bath!

Molds throughout the ages!

This is the clay from which they make the molds. I recognize this one as the Spiderman penis and it was red!

There’s not much difference in a beer vat and a penis making vat! I thought we might even get a beer sampling when I first walked into this room!

Can you imagine how many famous people have sat is this chair? This room isn’t usually on the tour but since the door was unlocked we were allowed to go inside and take a peek!

Famous people getting their “bits” cloned!

The silicone room is different from the non silicone area.

So many penises! Or is it peni?

So many butt plugs in a row!

As a car girl, myself, I was blown away! #jealous

The Braverman’s personal storage area. They sure have great taste in cars! Thank you Doc Johnson for giving us the Grand tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it!