Packing Revel Body Luggage Vibrator

Taking a romantic vacation this summer? Maybe it’s a honeymoon? Let us help you pack!

The Day to Day

Everyone needs a little RnR, whether it’s Hawaii, Las Vegas or New York. The key to packing sexy for any trip whether it’s with your partner or your friends, is choosing looks that you feel confident in. Take risks with your outfits and strut your stuff.

Not So Everyday

The Beach Vacation

Make sure to wear ample sunscreen, so your skin feels and looks great when you rub up on that special someone. And don’t forget, sunscreen application is not dull either. There are tons of places you just can’t reach that you’ll need someone to rub sunscreen on.

Who says you can’t wear heels at the beach? Grab yourself a pair of summery wedge sandals to strut your stuff.

It’s small; of course it will fit in your bag. Pack a new outfit to surprise your partner. If you’re flying solo you could always meet a sexy surfer on the beach!

The Party Trip

Fashion Tape
You know that dress you own— the one you weren’t sure if you should buy because it is in no way supportive. Just add some fashion tape and stick that dress right down wherever it needs to stay. Now you can wear it out dancing the whole night! 

Glitter Spray
Add a little extra sparkle to your vacation and bring some body shimmer. Emanating a subtle sexy glow will give you that little something extra you’ve been looking for.

Your Favorite Vibrator
Just in case you get home late and your partner clocks out in the bed next to you, you can treat yourself. No need to wake them up, just grab your trusty vibrator and finish the night right.

The Big City Tour

Walking Shoes
Get yourself a good pair of walking shoes because you’ll be running all over town. Few things are more sad than watching someone stumble around in shoes that are too impractical. Make sure you can strut all day long.

A Sexy Scent
Bring your favorite scented lotion or perfume to grab the attention of that person you’ve been eyeing.

After going back in the hotel room after a long day, what could be better than some mood lighting? Pack some candles to light around the room, or set them up in the bathroom for a relaxing soak.  If you’re going with your partner bring a massage candle to spice up your night. 

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