Self-Love and Shyness

For various reasons people seem to be squeamish about the fact that they masturbate. This seems strange since data shows masturbation is almost universal for men and about 50% for women (and about 54% for women in their twenties). So, given its popularity, why the coyness?

The fact that we are sexual beings who are drawn to sexual pleasure is something we know about our species. So why, in the privacy of our own rooms (or with our partner) do we hesitate to mention our preferences for things that whir, buzz or penetrate? I think the main reason, besides religious proscriptions, is because we are still awkward about celebrating sexual pleasure that is not provided by body parts alone. Perhaps people feel that a toy makes sex mechanical—but, that’s hardly the case. People can be playful and loving and romantic using toys; there is nothing about them that lessens the emotional connection between two people. And of course, there is nothing about using a toy as a single person that is, in the slightest, alienating. Gadgets can provide easy orgasms. That’s for sure. And sometimes, if a partner isn’t available, being able to give oneself pleasure, quickly, is both convenient and satisfying.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

Revel Body is one of the newer gadgets in the sex toy industry. The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator provides variety and innovation in the sex toy world. The round, discreet shape of Revel Body can fit in the palm of a man or woman’s hand. It has a variety of speeds and the sonic technology allows for new sensations and intensities that the user (and receiver) can customize to a woman’s (or man’s) preference. What’s not to love?

So, why not revel in self-love? Our ability to have sexual pleasure is a biological gift we own. And anything that helps us have great sexual sensations, in a safe and consensual environment, is a gift we should not ignore or refuse.