Woman with Revel Body Massager

Refresh Your Solo Time

When people think of being in a sexual rut, they typically think of sex with a long-term partner. If you’ve been with someone for an extended period of time, you can easily find yourself repeating the same routine. Finding ways to spice up sex is a frequently discussed topic and essential for keeping relationships exciting.

This same circumstance can also apply to the relationship with yourself. When you figure out what works for you, you may find yourself repeating the same tried and true routine. It’s great to have the technique mastered when time is limited, but once in awhile, take the time to experiment with yourself. Switch up the types of stimulation and sensation and expand your orgasm repertoire.

Who knows? You may just find your new favorite routine.

Tips & Tricks for Using a Vibrator

Take Your Time

It’s very easy to become goal-oriented during masturbation, especially if you regularly enjoy alone time. To increase your pleasure, take it slow. Make it about the arousal process, rather than the finale. Enjoy a little solo foreplay: create a calming atmosphere, arouse yourself with your fingers first, use your vibrator all over your body and eventually glide it over your sensitive areas. And when you do finally get close to orgasm, pull away. A little build-up and teasing will only make the finale that much better.

Adjust Speed and Intensity.

After a few uses with a specific sex toy, you know the right settings and speeds that will get you to instant climax. But don’t let this prevent you from missing out on lots of pleasure potential. The benefit of having a sex toy with numerous settings is having lots of options. Although, you might not be able to orgasm with all of the settings, experiment with each setting and learn more about your body.

Change the Tips

Along with changing the speed and intensity, many sex toys offer a variety of tips. This is another way to experience new sensations. You may find that you like specific tips on certain speeds and other tips on other speeds. You may also find that certain tips feel great on other erogenous zones on your body, opposed to just clitoral stimulation. Play around and give your body an opportunity to respond to different types of stimulation and sensation.

Get Wet

Shower sex often gets a bad rap for many different reasons. But, even if you’re not a fan of getting it on in the shower, don’t discount the pleasure potential of a solo shower or bath. Find a fully waterproof vibrator and lube. Incorporate your vibrator into your morning shower routine or bring it along for a relaxing evening bath. And Revel Body Sonic Vibrators also provide suction and vibration underwater, just another sensation to add or your stock of orgasm tricks.

Have Multiple Orgasms

Woman are built to have multiple orgasm. Unlike men, most women don’t experience a refractory period after sex, the recovery phase, which makes it difficult to experience an additional orgasm. So while, multiple orgasms with a partner can be challenging, multiple orgasms with yourself is a no-brainer. After achieving the first one, you can immediately start building towards your second. To get there, don’t switch off mentally, but take a short break from touching hypersensitive areas. Continue to touch yourself, returning to the foreplay and body touching mentioned earlier. Once the hypersensitivity has faded away, get back to it. Use a different tip, speed or technique this time and don’t stop until you get enough.

Self-exploration is important way to understand your body and what you enjoy. Take more time with yourself and you’ll start enjoying better, stronger and a wider variety of orgasms. And who doesn’t want that?