Summer Sexy Tips

Staying Cool When Things Heat Up

We all know how it is. All of a sudden the summer hits, and the temperature outdoors and indoors sky rockets. You look over at your partner and think, I’m just too hot and sticky to get closer than a foot to anyone, maybe six inches if you’re being generous. You consider spending the evening watching Netflix in front of the fan, instead of spending quality time with your partner. But, don’t give up so easily.

Here are some tips to cool things off in the bedroom and encourage you to spend more time with your partner

  1. Ice, Ice, Baby.
    Go to the freezer, grab a cup full of ice, and bring it into the bedroom. Take turns with your partner slowly rubbing the ice up and down their body, and then sensually lick off the water that’s slowly melting.
  2. Feeling Sticky?

    Take a cool refreshing shower together. Maybe even soap each other up. Make sure you bring silicone-based lube to reduce friction when things get feisty.

  3. Pool Time.

    Bikinis are basically lingerie. Swim trunks are basically boxers, right? Or go for a skinny dip. Go to the pool together and spend some flirtatious time in the shallow end. Bring your Revel Body Sonic Vibrator with you. Just the right amount of fun, and by the end your bathing suit will be floating in the deep-end.

  4. Cold and Naughty.

    Try freezing your lingerie or even your handcuffs. The cold tingling you can’t escape will bring an extra thrill to your romp in the sheets. Be careful and make sure not to freeze any of your naughty bits.

  5. Get stickier!

    Embrace the stickiness. Buy your partner’s favorite flavor of ice cream or popsicles. Use the ice cream cone or popsicle to give your partner a demonstration of exactly how you would like things to go down. Then, smear some ice cream on your stomach/thighs/chest and ask your partner to replicate the moves and treat you like the ice-cream cone. 

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