Revel Body Vibrator - Summer Makeout

Beat the Summer Slowdown

A lot of things slow down in the summer: School’s out, and summer Fridays are in. Temperatures rise, and it’s the time to relax at pool parties and backyard barbecues with family and friends. 

But just because you’re slowing down for the summer doesn’t mean your orgasm game has to do the same! Whether you’re single and mingling or having a summer fling, you can use these lazy summer days to implement some new fun sexual challenges to improve your sex life. Try these ideas to up your O-game to make your summer a blast (in more ways than one)!

Try A New Toy

Many people get into ruts in their sex lives. These can surface during both partnered and solo sex. So if you’re not satisfied and/or bored, it’s time to switch it up!

One of the easiest ways to mix things up in the bedroom is to buy a new toy. You can research what toy will suit your needs best, and experiment during masturbation. You can also use it with your partner (provided your partner is OK with it).

Try A New Position 

Many times during partnered sex, people get into routines. You may have your personal favorites: missionary, woman on top, doggy style, etc. Rotating amongst you and your partner’s favorite positions may become boring and leave your craving a new position.

Summer is the perfect time to test out any new positions you’re interested in. You may have some stored in the back of your mind, waiting to be used, or you can peruse sexuality websites or books that specialize in positions to get ideas. Communicate with your partner beforehand to make sure they’re onboard, and you’ll be ready to experiment!  

Try for Multiple Orgasms

Only about a third of women can reliably climax from vaginally penetrative sex. But if you’re in the remaining 70%, don’t worry! Every woman can try for multiple orgasms, regardless of whether they tend to come vaginally or clitorally. 

If you’re interested in going for multiples, you can first prepare by doing Kegel exercises to increase your multi-orgasmic odds. Before getting into bed, let your partner know so that they can help get you there in any way. Communicate during the act, but also remember to relax and have fun!

Use Water/Ice

As temperatures rise, the need to cool down mounts. And what better way to do that than with water?

You can masturbate during a bath or in the shower. (With the heat, cold water would probably be best.) Some vibrators, including the RevelBody SOL Sonic Vibrator, are waterproof and specifically made to work under water. You’ll feel relaxed at the end of your bath or shower.

You can also use water in its solid form: ice. You can have your partner cool you down by trailing ice cubes along your skin, which will both cool you down and ramp you up for a good time.

Act Out A Fantasy

If you’re bored with your sex life and stuck in a routine, you can share a fantasy you’d like to try with your partner. Talk it through before you try so that you’re both in agreement with what will happen within the fantasy scenario.

If it’s role-playing, you don’t need fancy costumes, and you can be whatever you picture. (Though wouldn’t a lifeguard and a damsel in distress be seasonally appropriate?) If you’re tying up a partner, or getting tied up yourself, make sure to have the air conditioning or a fan turned on so that the person tied up can remain comfortable.

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your sex routine, regardless of whether you’re single or partnered. If you’ve found yourself in a rut, use the above tips to try some things out. You may even find a new favorite thing to add to your sexual toolbox! 

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