Beauty Benefits of Orgasm

The Beauty Benefits of Orgasm

Can an Orgasm Make You Prettier?

Regular orgasms are great for feeling good, relieving stress and over all sexual wellness, but what if we told you your appearance could also be improved by climaxing. That’s right. Your body’s reaction and the hormones released post orgasm have a number of beautifying effects.

It was even concluded in a 1982 study that sex can make you look and feel younger. The study spanned ten years and included 3,500 men and women, both who had sex regularly and those who didn’t. All participants were put on one side of a two-way mirror, where participants on the other side had to guess their age. The group that had sex regularly had their age underestimated by seven to 12 years.

So how can sexual wellness and making masturbation part of your regular routine be your new beauty secret? Read on.

Decreased Bloating and Inflammation

The release of the hormone oxytocin combats the effects of cortisol on the body, which is known for its role in boosting belly fat, causing inflammation in the body and causing bloating.

Clearer Skin

Regular orgasms are linked to higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which protects from the common cold, but also helps build resistance to skin infections, including whiteheads, painful acne lesions, eczema or psoriasis.

Younger-Looking Tissue

The hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is also released during orgasm. This hormone helps repair tissue and keeps it looking young.

Increased Collagen Production

Orgasms increase the levels of circulating estrogen, which can help enhance skin health and is linked to better collagen production, meaning firmer, better-hydrated skin.

Brighter, Hydrated Skin & Fuller Lips

Post orgasm, blood circulation improves, meaning more blood and oxygen to the skin. This makes skin brighter, more hydrated and moisturized. The increased circulation can also make your lips a little fuller.

Beauty Sleep

The endorphins released after orgasm are known to have a sedative effect that helps induce sleep. This coupled with the drop in blood pressure and sudden relaxation after orgasm, you’ll be on your way to a night full of beauty sleep.


The release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” during orgasm helps reduce stress, pain and makes you feel happier. And we all know happy people are the prettiest people. 

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