Just an introduction to what's inside. Truly, this site is the epitome of educationally entertaining!

Just an introduction to what’s inside. Truly, this site is the epitome of educationally entertaining!

Newsflash! PeckerChecker participation is available! ThePeckerChecker.com blog is Pepper’s Parties Too! contribution to safe sex. The drawings included in this archive are ones actually done by our customers and party guests.

The whole idea behind ThePeckerCheckers is that safe sex is more than just protection against STD’s. Quick example, big-time atheletic jock is told by friend, “menthol is the stuff in that cream that makes the girls go crazy, you know like that Viva stuff. Next day’s Tweet by jock, “Do not use Ben Gay in place of Viva. Your girlfriend will no longer like you or think you’re a stud. ”

The drawings are purely for entertainment to give us some laughs as we get insight into “penis perceptions”. If you’d like to submit a drawing, we’ll give you a discount coupon for online AND the store (2 coupons). If you are not in the Hattiesburg area we’ll give you an additional coupon to our online superstore, SexySecretsEroticBoutique.com

Create your drawing with any app you’d like. On the tablet we like AutoSketch Pro and for the PC, SnagIt has some great drawing tools. There’s tons of them out there or just use the ol’ pencil! Once you have the drawing complete, go here to send it to us! We’ll review it for its placement in ThePeckerChecker’s gallery and get your coupons right to you!