uberlubestyle. sport. sex… how will überlube enhance your life today?

überlube for style. Weight-less and oil-free, überlube tames, de-tangles, de-frizzes and conditions adding shine to your hair. Removes eye-make up. Gives your skin a soft, healthy glow. An added plus, it can also be used to reduce inner thigh chafing.

try this: Apply to hair before or after blow drying. Mix with your favorite wax or matte paste product to add texture, shine and reduce frizz. Turn your hair product into an extraordinary über product!To remove eye-makeup, simply apply one pump of überlube to a cotton ball, close eyes and wipe, then wash residual make-up away during your normal face cleansing routine.

Just shaved your legs? Apply another pump and give your legs a healthy glow while also reducing thigh chafing.

überlube for sport. Long lasting, non-greasy and body safe, überlube is a dependable companion on those intense long runs, bike rides and soccer tournaments. Leaves skin clean and smooth, no greasy residue. High quality yet simple ingredients make überlube an ideal chlorine block/conditioner to protect hair and skin.

try this: Apply a small amount to chafing-prone areas once, then enjoy überlube’s silky protection for hours! Swimming? Get sleeker and faster by rubbing a small amount all over the body to reduce friction and improve glide in the water. Rub throughout hair for added protection.

Since überlube is super slick, use caution if it gets on floor. Thankfully, it also cleans up easily just with soap, warm water and a paper towel – no sweat!

überlube for sex. Body and condom friendly, überlube is recommended by leading physicians and sex educators as it will not harm healthy bacteria nor affect a woman’s delicate pH balance. And überlube’s long lasting silicone formula makes it the perfect choice for intimate moments both in and out of the water.

try this: Apply a measured pump during intimate moments to keep things slick and slippery. You’ll notice that überlube dissipates leaving your skin soft and silky. Both our durable glass bottle and our sleek, refillable traveler feature a measured pump which dispenses the perfect amount each time – allowing you to always keep one hand in the game. Using with a condom? Here’s a pro-tip: 2 drops inside the condom and a measured pump outside will heighten both of your pleasure!

Come see us today at Pepper’s Parties, Too to get your bottle. We have 50 ml and 100 ml glass bottles.