There’s nothing quite like an amazing kiss. When two people truly connect in a lingering lip-lock, it can feel like all is right with the world for that moment. There are probably a few kisses in your life that you look back on and still think, Wow (it’s okay if they weren’t all with your current partner). A kiss can show passion, tenderness, love, desire, and can ignite a fire deep inside that makes you think about having sex with this person.

Kissing expert Andréa Demirjian, author of “Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures,” says in an article on, “Kissing is intimate: You’re right there in the space of your soul. It gets to the core of your heart and spirit because it’s such a lovely way to express and receive love and affection. A kiss a day really can keep the doctor away.

Not only good for your sex life, kissing is good for your health in a number of ways: The extra saliva can help break down oral plaque, it can help reduce stress hormone cortisol levels which can lower blood pressure levels and possibly improve the body’s immune response, and also increases the body’s calming chemical oxytocin and endorphins, more chemicals that help you feel good.

The more you kiss your partner (and enjoy it!) the more you’re likely feel a bond with them and be in the mood for sex with them. According to, “researchers found that over weeks and months, repeated kissing could enhance a female’s libido, making her more receptive to sex.”

More fun kissing facts that’ll make you want to smooch soon:

Kissing burns calories

Okay, it only averages about two calories a minute, but it’s better than the calories you’re burning just by sitting on the couch next to your significant other.

It helps strengthen and tone face muscles.

Since you’ve already adopted kissing as your add-on workout routine, why not try it to help firm sagging skin? Researchers say you use 30 muscles while kissing and that smooching helps keep your cheeks tight.

Why it’s called a “French Kiss”?

This term came into the English language around 1923 as a slur on the French culture which was thought to be overly concerned with sex. In France, it’s called a tongue kiss or soul kiss because if done right, it feels as if two souls are merging.

Who values kissing more

Kissing is more important for women than for men in having a satisfying sexual experience, according to research reported in an article.

Kisses are a turn on

According to a Cosmopolitan magazine poll, forty percent of men say a really long, steamy kiss will get them immediately ready for sex.

So if your relationship and sex life could use some sparks, spend more time during foreplay kissing—and keep your clothes on. Remember how makeout sessions lasted for hours when you were a teen? Well channel some of that innocent passion again and kiss your partner for as long as you both can possibly hold out. You’ll feel more connected during sex and it’ll bring back some of that intensity you felt those early days when you were first dating and getting to know each other.

“Her kisses left something to be desired…the rest of her.”

– Author Unknown