Why Regular Orgasms are Great

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Why Regular Orgasms are Great

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Why Regular Orgasms are Great

During May (International Masturbation Month), we’ll be discussing the health and mental benefits of masturbation, techniques for observing this month-long holiday and tricks you can continue to practice long after May is over.

All the Reasons you Should Masturbate More Often

This month, we’ve given you a number of reasons why you should masturbate, including a healthier heart, better sleep and reduced stress. Along with the physical and mental benefits, there are also a number of gratuitous reasons you should masturbate

In case you need a quick reminder of all the reasons pleasuring yourself is so great, here you go:

Masturbation – It’s a Free Activity

You don’t need anything other than the tools you already have. So revel in a some free entertainment.

Masturbation – Ramps Up Your Libido

It’s true what they say: The more sex you have, the more sex you want. So if you’re feeling like your libido is on the decline, just have sex with yourself.

Masturbation – Improve Partnered Sex

Knowing what you want and what feels good will positively impact sex with a partner. You can tell them how to pleasure you, which means better sex.

Masturbation – It Feels Good

Enough said…

Masturbation – It’s Fun

Looking for a good time? We took a poll and no one said they have ever had a bad time masturbating…

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