Yoga is a great activity. It’s great exercise, it can help you feel more balance and centered, and make you feel more in-tune with your body.

Yoga can also help improve your sex life. We’re not just talking tantric either. Many yoga practices can be taken to the bedroom to help improve heighten the experience.

Focus on your breath

In yoga to center your breathing, you practice “circular breathing” which consists of focusing on not pausing between inhaling and exhaling. When you do exhale, don’t force the breath out but let it slip out slowly. Focusing on your breath during a massage from your partner or during foreplay can help clear your mind and allow more oxygen to your brain to help heighten arousal.

Use slow, controlled movements

During yoga this practice helps you on your balance but it can also be useful in making sure you can control certain parts of your body. Try this technique during a massage. Focus your energy into the part of the body you’re massaging and slow your movement.

Try some Yoga itself

Not just in the bedroom (though if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try). But working on particular yoga moves like downward dog or the goddess pose will help you get better at practicing all the things above as well as loosen up your body and mind.

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